CAPAnesthesia, PC

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center is an academic group of Board-certified anesthesiologists with a combined total of nearly 200 years experience in the art of anesthesia and pain management and an average length of dedication to this institution of 12 years. A full-time, stable staff of 12, our anesthesiologists are expert in the day-to-day administration of all types of anesthesia; cardiothoracic, neurosurgical, and orthopedic, to name a few. We also manage a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary pain management center with three anesthesiologists, double Boarded in Anesthesiology and Pain. We look forward to a future role in Critical Care Medicine.

The Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine is also a vibrant, active participant in the educational and training program of the Caritas Christi/Steward Healthcare network. The Department has a long history of providing excellence in the training of medical students, residents, and fellows. We are committed to increasing our academic mission in terms of both teaching and research. We also constantly are embarking on several new, exciting, and challenging ventures, which will broaden the scope and interests of the Department. These efforts are occurring when many other departments are scaling down their activities and reducing their academic commitments. For instance, we have installed an electronic anesthesia record system which captures and stores all the clinical data during a patient’s perioperative course. Our preoperative regional anesthesia program has become a patient and surgeon favorite, as it helps patients recover from orthopedic surgery with minimal pain and decreases the need for postoperative pain medication. Each resident has the opportunity to be involved in scenarios in our Simulator Center and take mock oral examinations, both lead by our three senior physician educators

Our department covers the medical center around the clock with our full-time staff, supplemented by a group of affiliate staff members, some of who are past trainees, and all who are experts in the field at other Boston-area hospitals in the Harvard, University of Massachusetts, and Tufts systems.

We will always strive to provide an environment of quality, safety, comfort, and compassion to our patients to result in the best anesthesia experience possible. Now a private corporation formed to attract the very best of this area’s anesthesia specialists, CAPAnesthesia, PC works in conjunction with the mission and values of Caritas Christi Health Care/Steward Healthcare. We are committed to the Caritas/Stewart system and completely and actively support their goals in health care, quality assurance, and information technology.

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